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Rock Hunting All Over Nova Scotia's Fundy Coast

It's early in the year to go rock hunting, but the weather had been favorable for the past few days. I had the idea of going for a road trip in Nova Scotia to check a few sites. My friend Matt Stimson was interested to tag along and was in Halifax for the weekend. I had offered to go pick him up in town and from there we could plan what sites to visit. The weather for that day (Saturday April 7th, 2012) had changed and they were predicting heavy snow falls late in the evening. We weren't sure if we still wanted to go, but in the end we couldn't pass on the opportunity to go rock hunting!
Site #1 - Blue Beach, Hantsport Site #2 - Joggins
The tide for that day wasn't favorable to us unless I left Moncton extremely early Saturday morning. The first stop we had agreed on was Blue Beach in Hantsport, and low tide was set at about 8:30am. To be able to have enough time to be on the beach, I would have to pick up Matt in Halifax around that time. It takes pretty much 2 hours and…

So what really went down in March?

Not much is the answer.  I got my gear ready for some early excursions for March.  I thought that by having gone through a smooth and mild winter would allow me to have an easier time going rock hunting.  My two outings were bleh at most.
The first of my two outings was to Joggins.  The week had seen record breaking temperatures that went to the mid-20s, but the day I went to see the cliffs, the temperature had plummeted to near freezing and the winds were blowing at least 60km/h, if not more.  I walked a bit towards Coal Mine Point, but never reached.  By the time I made it halfway, it took a great effort to walk, and to dodge the huge boulders free falling every minute.  Some trees that I had found last year were buried in loose sediment, barely visible to the naked eye.  It was just too dangerous to stay, so I turned back and went back home a bit sad.
The second trip was about two weekends ago on a nice sunny day with decent temperatures.  I wanted to go for a drive by the Old Alb…