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Ram's Head / West Bay (Diligent River, Nova Scotia)

I've been looking for this little trip for quite a long time, since last year actually. When I was doing some digging up about important geological sites related to fossils, and Diligent River was on top of my list. The area has be known to have a good record of trace fossils (ichnofossils) of animals that roam the area in the Carboniferous Period (between 320 and 280 million years ago) when this was a wet swampy forest. The other reason for me to go fossil hunting in that spot is ferns.. ferns ferns ferns.
I was gonna go on my own at one point but I'm happy that the Fundy Geological Museum (FGM) had organized a curatorial walk of Ram's Head in Diligent River. Here's an exerpt from their website:
The rocks of Ram’s Head-West Bay tell of the warm tropical coal swamps, rivers and shallow lakes that existed during the formation of Pangea before the beginning of the age of dinosaurs. This area has some of the most spectacular exposures of amphibian track ways to be found in …

Back from the Gem & Mineral Show (Parrsboro, Nova Scotia)

It was a great day to be on the road. The Gem & Mineral show was excellent, the people were super friendly, the food excellent, and the treasures just incredible.
I'm keeping this blog post short and instead will show you a few pics. Cheers!

My friend Craig holding some Opal
Opal (" a rainbow trapped in chocolate")

Déliv'rance Premiere Party

The Saturday Déliv'rance movie premiere on Saturday August 20th was presented on CBC Television at 8:00 PM local Atlantic Time and to celebrate this event, the film crew organized a get together premiere party. The event was held at Ralph and Jan's beautiful home by the water in Shediac. Enjoy the pics and thanks to our gracious hosts!

Gratz again on Dan, Don, and the rest of the people that worked to make all this happen.