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Partridge Island / East Bay (Parrsboro, Nova Scotia)

This afternoon I was able to attend another curatorial walk organized by the Fundy Geological Museum (FGM)about the geological features of Partridge Island, which is about a 15 minutes drive from Parrsboro. We left the FGM at about 1pm and arrived at the beach not long after. The tides were just starting to get low so Ken Adams (the interpretor and FGM's curator) took the time to explain the various geological puzzle pieces that make up this area. With our group was a woman that took video and audio of this tour to include in a bid to have the Bay of Fundy recognized as one of the world's new wonders of the world (currently the only Canadian site in the contest, #14 if I recall).
Here's a short description of the curatorial tour from the FGM website:

The rocks of East Bay-Partridge Island present a cross section through Parrsboro's geologic past. They tell of the warm tropical seas, shallow lakes and coal swamps that existed during the formation of Pangea, and the d…

Beethoven! Mum and Dad's ol' Gal

Went up North to the Acadian Peninsula to spend some time last Sunday with my parents.  Beautiful day and took a few nice shots of Beethoven, a beautiful ol' gal that's sweeter than sugar. =)
Showing her ol' lady face
Pretty side
Goofy side
Beautiful day with bunny sleeping on the grass

Can you smell them?
Till next time!

Wards Beach / Brookville Rock (Parrsboro, Nova Scotia)

This curative walk organized by the Fundy Geologica Museum of Parrsboro (Nova Scotia) took us about 15 minutes West of Parrsboro (on the other side of Dilligent River). Here's a resume from the FGM website:
View where continents have collided, crushing Coal Age sediments and older rocks between North America and Africa during the formation of Pangea. The cliffs along the shore contain evidence of folding and faulting, and mixing of rock types together within the fault zone.

- FGM Curative Walks
This excursion emphasizes on the coming together of continents and the processes that changed the structure of the rocks in the region.

Driving south in the early morning there was thick fog everywhere from Moncton all the way down the Fundy coast. This location is located about 15 minutes West of Parrsboro. To access the beach, you have to drive down a short dirt road called Wards Brook road. Arriving at the beach it lifted, making way to a very hot Sun. It wasn't too bad as ther…