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Arisaig (Arasaig), Nova Scotia

Oh Arisaig, how I've longed to go visit ye!
I've been wanting to go visit Arisaig Provincial Park when I first compiled a list of sites to visit in Nova Scotia. Arisaig is on top of that list due to the importance of the fossils found there. It is said that the Silurian age rock outcrops in the Arisaig area are one of the best in the world. They give a good picture and interpretation into the paleoenvironment of that period.
Environment during the Silurian Period (~443 to 417 million years ago)
The Silurian Period that mostly saw life in water, from about 443 to 417 million years ago. Life stuck in the ocean and other bodies of water, as the surface was not inviting. Only a few tiny plants started to make the surface their home.
The environment in the seas and oceans of the Silurian would have been seen a diverse and abundant in animals such as early fish, trilobites, snails, molluscs (bivalves, brachiopods), crinoids (sea lilies), nautiloids, and many other genera. Most of these …

In Alma, All I See Is Red

I had the Friday off (May 18th) before the long weekend of May. It sucked that I had to work the long weekend, but knew that I'd have plenty of time off coming up. So being stuck at work during the nice, long weekend wasn't too bad to bare. I wasn't planning to do too much that day, so I moped around the house for a bit. I was getting bored out of my mind and needed to get out of the house, so I decided to hop in my car at around 2pm and go for a drive. At first I didn't plan to go too far, but I found myself driving from Riverview towards Hillsborough.
By the time I stopped driving, I was pulling in the Fundy Park Info Center parking lot. I said to myself, might as well go in and check the boutique. Bought a few goodies and went back in town.

I decided to stop at the Tides Restaurant in Alma for an early supper. They usually open for the season during the long weekend, but ended up opening early for Mother's Day. I can say that the food here is freakin good and the …