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Cape d'Or, Nova Scotia

Cape d'Or was on my list of 'Must See' sites in Nova Scotia. I've read and heard stories of the minerals that one could find in the basalt cliffs. Story goes that when voyagers arrived in the area by boat, they saw the cliffs glinting and thought it was gold. The real fact is that this wasn't gold, but (native) copper. The copper was mined by the Colonial Copper Company way back in the late 1890s to about 1905, but difficult times had fallen on the mine and eventually closed.
Cape d'Or (circled in red)
Me and my buddy Craig decided to head down Nova Scotia last Sunday (May 13th) to check the place out. We brought our tools just in case we'd drop on some goodies. Parrsboro is about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from Moncton, New Brunswick. From Parrsboro, you take the 209 West towards Advocate Harbour and drive about 45Km. The road snakes into eccentric bends and turns, especially around Port Greville, but that's nothing compared to the Cape d'Or road. C…