The Roar of the Bay

The Roar of the Bay
The Roar of the Bay

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Geo Field Work (Cape Enrage 2012) - Part 5

Continued from Part 4

July 7th, 2012

Final trek to the area. With the stratigraphy of the fossil locality done, we could concentrate on some of the finds we had made earlier in the season. Most of the important trackways that could be transported was already hauled out. Others that couldn't be removed were well documented via a plethora of photos. We had made an attempt to create a plaster cast, but the 90 degree angle just made it impossible with what we had to work with.

Cleaning the surface

The block that had the trackways was still intact, but semi-covered with loose rubble. We had placed a piece of plastic on top of it, so it didn't get damaged since our last visit. We removed the cover and started to clear the rubble.

Once that was done, we proceeded in making the block smaller so that we could have an easier time handling it while chiseling it. Shedding a few hundred pounds of weight would be ideal, for, you know, not being crushed and becoming fossils ourselves.

After chiseling some matrix off of the main block, we were able to lift and turn it into a more desirable position so that we could whack at it into an acceptable size. While the chiseling was going on, we had to keep an eye out for falling debris and any loose boulders that might have given us an unexpected visit. Heads are softer than rocks from what I heard.

And there you have it! Matt made great work on this large slab of sandstone and trackways are ready to go. Sorry to say that the tracks couldn't be carried out that day as we didn't have any means to haul it back to town. My rabbit can only take so much, right?

Matt was able to get in contact with some of his friends and they hauled the trackways at a later date. Mission accomplished (I think).

I just wanted to say that this type of work can be hard, REAL hard, but worth it. I've learned a whole lot by doing hands on field work, applying techniques and learning along the way. It just proves that you can do a lot if you put your brain into the right mindset. This proved to be essential for future field trips taken after Cape Enrage, being able to apply this new acquired skill set. I thank Matt for bringing me along and being his gopher and to have been give the opportunity to learn how to get dirty.

Cape Enrage is one of many sites in the Maritimes that needs to be explored. I don't get why some people today still impede on people that try to do the right thing and bring these type of treasures to light and acquire new data that can be shared with the rest of the world. Still baffles me.

Till next time. Cheers!

- Keenan

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