The Roar of the Bay

The Roar of the Bay
The Roar of the Bay

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Geo Field Work (Cape Enrage 2012) - Part 4

Continued from Part 3

June 9th, 2012

We came back with the idea that this would be the last stretch we'd have to do when it came to our stratigraphy work. We had done most of the 1.7 kilometer stretch and we were nearing the end by a few hundred of meters. Before resuming our work, we went down to the set of tracks that we had covered the previous visit to protect it, and it was still intact. We would decide what to do once the stratigraphy of the area is completed.

The weather was kinda odd. It was pretty much all over the spectrum. One moment it was wet, pouring rain like there was no tomorrow, the next we'd have nice sunny breaks. Clouds were moving at a very fast pace and in some instance the sky went pitch dark for a while.

Worm burrows

Last stretch

Mud cracks

Trees (trunk depressions)

Looking for tracks. Some were found here last year

The above picture is very interesting. On the surface you can see multiple tracks made by invertebrates. You can see burrowing, walking, and feeding traces. There's even some resting traces. The maximum width of these traces are about 1 centimeter. Some other traces barely register at 1 millimeter. The following slides are of closeups of these invertebrate traces.

Many sandstone layers showed various deposition patterns: 
mostly wave ripples, laminated, and trough cross bedding

Microbial mats

Weather was being temperamental at this point

Large mud cracks

Possible fault

Done! Stratigraphy done! Done done done! Let me tell you, measuring 1.7 kilometers of beach with a tape line was tedious work. I felt pain and soreness in muscles I didn't know I had. Happy to have done it as with this data, it will give a detailed picture of this area that has become very important.

We didn't have the time to work on the set of trackways that we had found earlier, so we decided afterwards that we'd come back and make a retrieval attempt at some point in the future.

On to the finale, Part 5!

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