The Roar of the Bay

The Roar of the Bay
The Roar of the Bay

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Up and About in Parrsboro!

I've been to Parrsboro, Nova Scotia so many times in the past couple of years that I almost feel it becoming a second home. If for some reason I manage to get bored in Moncton, Parrsboro is always an option. I've dragged some of my rockhound friends in recent trips, but didn't had the chance to bring the regular geek crew to the area. I was weary at first that they would quickly lose interest (or get bored as some did), but it was a very good opportunity for a road trip down South and drag my buddies at some of my favorite spots in the area. The plan was to check Wasson Bluff, maybe the FGM Museum if we had time, Eldon's Rock shop, and Doug Wilson's new place, the Amethyst Boutique. So we hopped in our cars and headed down to Nova Scotia!

We all met up at the FGM (Fundy Geological Museum) parking lot to decide what to tackle first. I wanted to go inside the FGM but we ended up deciding to skip this time around and make Wasson Bluff our first stop.

From left to right: Noel, Phil, Don, Serge, and Craig

We left Parrsboro and drove East down Two Island road. The dinosaur sign that usually indicates the parking area for Wasson Bluff was covered by brush, and only noticed it at the last minute, slamming the brakes like a moron. When the dust settled, we made our way down the trail.

The boys, except for Craig, had never been down here before. The only place that I'd had taken them in the Cumberland area was Joggins.

The crew finding seaglass (Two Islands in the background)

My brother Don taking a break

Basalt cliffs at Wasson, with Clarke Head in the background

Wasson Bluff Triassic Sandstone

Don having a faaaaabulous time.. hehe

After our walk on the beach, we decided to turn back and head back in town. Having decided to skip the museum for that day, we made the plan to make 2 stops before going out for a bite to eat.

Our first of two stops was at Doug Wilson's new place in Parrsboro. Doug's little family recently moved in the area and opened shop in town: Amethyst Boutique (They also have a facebook page!). Very friendly and cordial people. I was extremely happy that Hans had recommended us to stop by and say hi. The little shop is located in their beautiful house (built in the 1880s), and showcase local and international goodies.

Doug (left), with Serge (middle) and Noel (right)

We had a nice talk and shared some stories. Very happy to have made new friends that have rocks in their head just like me. =P My friend Hans in Moncton had asked if I stopped at Doug's, to pickup some goodies for him to work on, which I gladly did.

A nice little piece of smokey quartz for Hans to work on

After saying our goodbyes, we made a quick stop at Eldon's rock shop, Parrsboro Rock & Mineral Shop & Museum off Whitehall Road. That afternoon Eldon had closed off the museum has he was prepping some samples, so we snooped around the gift side of the shop for a little while before heading out for supper.

Parrsboro has some good eats, especially if you're a seafood lover (which I ain't). This trip I decided to bring them to the Harbour View Restaurant, at the end of Pier road that's right beside the museum. The food was good but the view was awesome, as the restaurant overlooks the bay.

View from the restaurant

Supper done, we decided to call it and head back home. The drive to Parrsboro is nice, not far from Moncton, and very worth it for the sites, the food, and the hospitality. There are a lot of special places in the maritimes, but this one is at the top of my list.

Till next time!

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