The Roar of the Bay

The Roar of the Bay
The Roar of the Bay

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fundy National Park - Caribou Plains!

Hiyas! Last Sunday me, my brother Don, and my friends Phil and Noel decided to go for a drive. With over 20+ rainy days in the month of June, there was no way we were staying cooped up in the house on a gorgeous sunny day. So we hopped in Don's SUV and proceeded south towards Alma.

Along the way we passed an Antique Museum/Collectibles. It had old cars in the lot and other miscellaneous stuff. I asked to turn the vehicle around so that we could stop and check it out. I'm glad we did. That place had all sorts of antiques: old disc phonographs with huge horns, Victorian style furniture, books, cars, bikes, and a variety of other stuff. I'll have to remember to come back in the near future to come pick a few things.

We arrived at Alma and made a pit stop at the Fundy National Park Visitor's Information Center. I came out with a few new books pertaining to local geology and fossil finds. We checked the map and we decided to take it easy and just go for an easy trail (we came to the park a few days ago and did some other trails). We opted for the scenic Caribou Plains (indicated in the middle of the map pictured above).

My brother Don (left) and my friend Noel (right)

The Caribou Plains trail is located a few miles in about the middle section of the park. The trail is split in 2 sections: 0.5km and 3.0km. The smaller section is all wooden pathway to facilitate wheelchair access. The rest is a mix of trails leading to wooded areas and to the lakes.

Trail entrance

Marsh with beaver dams and noisy toads

Taking a break. My friend Phil in a spiffy white shirt.

SuperfastsnapshotYA!! =P

After our little walk we ended up stopping at Salisbury's Irving Truck Stop for some good eats! All and all a fun little adventure.

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