The Roar of the Bay

The Roar of the Bay
The Roar of the Bay

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blue Beach Museum - Hantsport, Nova Scotia

I have two weeks of vacation coming and I'm planning some heavy traveling in search of interesting sites. Today I had the luck of catching a local news cast about a museum located in Hantsport, Nova Scotia, Canada. From the location of Hantsport, the cliffs are rich in fossils and the local museum is claiming to be holding over 35 tons of specimens! This is a good chance to see first hand the fossil tracks of animals that walked the land over 350 million years ago. I'm definitely adding this to my to do list. If you are in that area, stop by and peek back in time where life started to crawl on Earth.

Blue Beach Fossil Museum
127 Blue Beach Road
Hantsport, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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