The Roar of the Bay

The Roar of the Bay
The Roar of the Bay

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Preping The Study

I've been meaning to update my blog for quite a while, but man I'm hitting at it like there's no tomorrow. This blog just shows ya how much of a dork I am, but real proud one at that!

I live with my two other brothers and the house is big enough that I'm fortunate to have two rooms for myself. The first is my bedroom where I slumber and stack my comic book collection. The other room right beside it is, actually was, my computer room that is now being turned into my study. I took my gaming pc and dumped it in the basement living room, where's its currently collecting dust (It'll get turned on when Star wars The Old Republic goes online this fall hehe).

I didn't have anything decent to display my growing collection of rocks, minerals, and fossils. My friend Tammy and my brother Don got me this awesome desk, complete with drawers and a flat piece of glass on top for display. I took out my old computer desk and put that desk at that same spot. Me happy!

Thar she is, lookin' pretty.

Couple of drawers for stashing my beauties.

Side by side shelves.

Ammonites, shark teeth, other goodies...

Work table I made (was my DJ table, but I shoved it in my closet for a bit). Black desk on the left of the picture is gone. There's so much space now I could get myself a good ol' comfy chair so I have a spot to read without being distracted.

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